Why you are asked for Credit Card information to reserve your appointment

I would like to clarify some miss conceptions about services entrepreneurship.
  1. Being "Self-employed" doesn't mean they bring home 100% of what they make as many people think. Self-employed service providers have to pay for business related expenses: rent, utilities, cleaning supplies, buy inventory from disposable supplies to products, location insurance as well as business insurance, etc. They end up bringing home same or less income as if they were getting a commission working for someone else.
  2. Unfortunately, Self-employed doesn't get paid for vacations, sick days, Bereavements, maternity leave, 401k, etc. "If they don't work, they don't get paid."
  1. Self-employed work to pay their personal related expenses: Rent/mortgage, Car note, home insurance, car insurance, Health insurance, utilities, feed family, car fuel, etc. "If they don't work, they don't get paid."
When you schedule an appointment and cancel/reschedule a day before the service provider contact their waiting list "hoping" they didn't already made plans and are able to come in last minute. That is why you are charged 50% of the fee, --50/50 chance to get someone in to fill in the time that was already reserved for you.
When you schedule an appointment and you either "no show, cancel, or reschedule" last minute. There is absolutely NO chance to replace that time slot because 1. Service providers are busy servicing current appointment, 2. The waiting list will NOT be available and waiting last minute. For that reason, you are charged 100% of the fee. "If they don't work, they don't make money!"
(Call or text: An email late a day before or same day is not an adequate form of cancellation/reschedule)
It might seem unfair to you to be charged for a service that was not provided. But think of it this way... is it fair that you go to work, and your boss tells you they will not pay you an hour or two because you couldn't get your work done due to someone else not giving you what you needed to get it done?
PLEASE, be courteous and understanding to what others might be going through before you get upset. Schedule your appointments appropriately to avoid putting yourself and your service provider in an uncomfortable position. They cherish your business and always do their best for you to have a good experience and great results.